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Search Engine

This is a Website with a lot of information about searches, all you need to know about: Definitions, examples and more.


Most famous

  • Bing
  • Google
  • Duck Duck Go


How does it work? . How it read the query and compare results with its database and more.


What is a


A search engine is a computer system that looks for files on the web, but how do these search engines work to find what we want?

We put a search term (a word, phrase ...) called keywords or keywords, and the search engines respond to us with lists of web pages in which those words are found with the information we are looking for.


They use "robots" to track these millions of documents that exist on the web. The robots are called "crawlers" or "spiders", as they move through the billions of links that connect some websites with others, like a large web that connects some web with others.


Once these robots find the websites, they have to decipher in content and store part in hard drives, so that when we search for something we have it available.


In addition to looking for documents, it seeks to make these important and relevant to the search, but how does the search engine know if a website is important or not?


Most of them determine that a website is important if it is popular. The more people visit it, the search engine interprets it as having better content.

All this is done through very complex algorithms and with many factors that analyze the websites and organize them in what is called "ranking". A better position in the ranking will make you be among the first search results.

Therefore the optimization of a website is so important, so that search engines position your website in the first positions, because if you are not in Google, or rather, in the top positions of google, you do not exist. We at this studio help you channel all the power of your website in the main search engines and manage your online marketing campaigns through them.


Today it is difficult to do a search without going to Google, but here we leave a list with some search engines other than google: Yahoo !, Ask, Altavista, MSN, AOL, AlltheWeb, Go, Netscape Search, Live, Lycos, Snap, webcrawler, AURA !, Releton, Quintura, Wandex, Excite, Altavista, Naver ...


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